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Beast Padel Racket Tiger matt 325

Beast Padel Racket Tiger matt 325

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The Beast Tiger is a racket that is suitable for the youth padel player. The racket head has a round shape. The racket is slightly lighter than the one for seniors, which makes it easier for children to hold the racket and requires less effort from the forearms. The racket has a large surface area, making it easier to hit the ball well.


  • Fiberglass
  • 46x26x3.8cm
  • Youth padel player (9 to 11 years)
  • Round shape
  • Medium Balance
  • Control/Power
  • Black/Gold
  • 330 grams (+/- 10 grams)
  • Protection strip


  • Comfort foam:Is an ideal rubber for players who want maximum comfort. It absorbs the vibrations and gives extra power to your strokes.
  • Tailored frame: Each part of the racket is individually made, to get the best out of each racket.
  • Graphene 360:Graphene strengthens the frame, provides more stability and gives more energy to the ball.
  • Integrated protection system:It is a carbon bumper that protects your racket against scratches and holes. This allows you to enjoy your racket for longer.
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Which Padel Racket Suits Me Best?

Experience Level






Beast Padel Panther High Balance Beast Padel Panther Medium Balance Beast Padel Lynx Medium Balance Beast Padel Lynx Medium Balance Beast Padel Tiger Beast Padel Tiger


High Balance

Medium Balance

Medium Balance

Medium Balance


Power and Easier to hit deep with control and stability

Normal effort to hit hard with control and stability

Less stress shoulder / elbow with control and balance

Flexibility with control and balance

Control with proper grip

Light, small and viable to make progress quickly


Less control

Fatigue and Stress on Injuries

Harder to hit long / hard shots

Decrease drive

Less speed

Less tolerance and power


365 gr

375 gr

360 gr

370 gr








340 gr

325 gr

3K carbon

12K carbon

3D surface option



Protection Strip

Shop 3D Option Shop 3D Option Shop 3D Option Shop 3D Option Shop Tiger 340 Shop Tiger 325
Ltc De Munnik, te Leiderdorp

Beast Padel testdagen

Op zoek naar het juiste padelracket, kom dan naar een van onze Beast Padel testdagen op Ltc De Munnik, te Leiderdorp.

Beast Padel zal in samenwerking met Padel Academy Sterk de 1e en 3e zaterdag van de maand van 16:00 tot 18:00 aanwezig zijn om jou te helpen bij het maken van de juiste keuze. Er zal ook alle gelegenheid zijn om padelrackets te testen. Zo kan jij kijken welk racket het beste bij je past. Zien we jou ook zaterdag? Vooraf aanmelden is niet nodig.